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The Watchtower of Muscat is located on the Bahri Road in Muttrah. It is situated very close to the Kalbuh and the Riyam Park . These two parks in the city of Muscat are places of great tourist attraction. The parks are places where you can play around along with children and enjoy a frolicking day amidst lush greenery. Tourists to this park always drop in at the Muscat Watchtower before going back to their hotels. The Watchtower in Muscat is a perfect place to see the fascinating wonders of the city of Muscat. From the top, the city of Muscat basks in an enchanting glow. You can see the majestic buildings and mansions of the city, all at a glance. High up above the city, close against the blue sky, the gurgling waves of the Arabian Sea down below is truly an enthralling sight. Apart from the tourists, even the local residents of the place love visiting the Watchtower in Muscat . It is built in the shape of incense burner and stands as a silent white tower on top of a hill. There is a staircase which leads to the top of this tower. Going up the long staircase can be a bit tiring on a hot and humid day. So, the tourists are generally advised to visit the Watchtower in Muscat during the cooler months of the year.



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